Heliconius review

We have just published a review of Heliconius evolution, which covers many aspects of their biology and evolution. If you want to read a succinct overview of the genus then you may be interested in this. Well done to Rich Merrill who led the writing, and everyone else who was involved – the project came […]

Hashtag Heliconius2015

The lab is gathering in Panama for this weekends 10th Heliconius Meeting in Gamboa. For more details see www.heliconius.org.

Well done Kozak

Congratulations again to Krzysztof Kozak who successfully defended his PhD recently. He has already started a Postdoc on Anopheles based at the Sanger….although we hope he will be returning to the wonderful world of Heliconius in the not too distant future.

Butterfly Research assistant needed

We are looking for someone to work part-time in Madingley looking after our butterfly stocks and caring for Passiflora plants to feed them. The applicant should also have an interest in developmental biology – the project is an opportunity to work on developing genome editing techniques in butterflies to study wing patterning http://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/6709/