PostDoc Position available

We are advertising for a postdoctoral position in bioinformatics/evolutionary genomics. If you think you might be interested in working in the lab please get in touch

Butterfly Biology in Finland

Richard Merrill and Chris Jiggins both gave talks at the Butterfly Biology meeting in Turku, Finland last week.

Divergent Dardanus alleles

Well done to Martin for publishing his paper in divergent alleles of the engrailed gene associated with mimicry patterns. Just come out in BMC Evol Biol.

Butterfly Evolution films

We have made three short films about our research – they were for the Royal Society Exhibition, but hopefully they will be interesting to anyone who wants to know more about what we do. The History and Variety of Heliconius Butterflies from Heliconians on Vimeo. Genetics of Heliconius Butterfly Wing Patterns from Heliconians on Vimeo. […]